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Indonesia Basket ware – Basketry February 4, 2010

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log basket with banana dry leather

The worlds are changed now! Most governments in Europe want to limit the use of plastic or polymer which familiar for storage. They want to change by using natural resources like rattan, bamboo, willow or wood.  Rather than natural resources above, polymer is hard to be disentangled. It takes decades to be unite with nature.

This news is good for us in SeloAgro as a rattan basket manufacturer and supplier. We take this advantage to move into next level providing basket ware. Our baskets are made by natural resources like rattan, seagrass (mendong), water hyacinth and banana dry skin. These raw natural resources will be woven or plait by the best craftsman; all process are handmade.

Basket ware are including shopping basket, bakers basket (bread basket), fruits basket, eggs basket, flowers basket, storage basket, bicycle basket etc. with hundreds of model.

round hamper

Most of our basket using water base finishing system which for coloring or to cover the surface. Water base finishing system are made by natural resources; no lead, no lacquer and no hazardous chemical material. This is will bring healthy, safety, art and usefulness to be one.

Please contact us on selsilimalar@gmail.com , visit our official website www.seloagro.com our put your comment . You can asking about basket ware, basketry, rattan basket products and related topic.