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SeloAgro Rattan Baskets Producer and manufacturer Indonesia on year review October 28, 2013

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Dear Beloved customers and buyers,

Our rattan basket products now reach some countries in almost two years. The most selling item are bicycle baskets that took almost 60% of our production capacity. The bicycle baskets are selling to Holland as they are our biggest market in Europe.

The rest item are:

On February this year SeloAgro attend AMBIENTE – the biggest trade fair for furniture and craft in Europe. Image

We are also participate on Trade Expo Indonesia that held on October 2013. We bring some new fresh design rattan baskets to get in touch with Asian style.


If you need fresh new design of our products, please email to selsilimalar@gmail.com.
Do not forget to check http://www.seloagro.com.

Thank you for your support

Rattan Wicker Basket | Storage Basket | Rattan Bicycle (Bike) Basket August 14, 2012

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It was already more then one year since the last posting. I am very proud that SeloAgro already have own license to export since July 2012. Need more then 5 months to got complete listed in government until export license.

Our export products right now reach rattan storage basket, rattan bicycle basket, rattan planter products and rattan storage for kids. The most selling products comes from Holland with rattan basket for bicycle (rattan wicker bicycle bike basket).

We are also increase the production site by spread the production to some areas and add more worker to support the production.



Manufacturer and exporter rattan gray (grey) kubu (kobo,koboo) baskets from Indonesia March 16, 2011

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In the past 3-5 years, rattan gray (grey) kubu (kobo or koboo) is also the most selling baskets around the world.

How to make rattan gray(grey)
Gray kobo is made by natural kobo ( white koboo). The raw material sinked into the pool or swamp with full of mud cover the whole rattan. After 1-2 weeks, we take the raw material and dry it in the sun for at least 1-2 days. The gray color will appear naturally.

Sometimes, other suppliers using chemical material to make gray color, but for SeloAgro we process it naturally.

Rattan gray baskets products

Rattan gray usually found in furniture, planter, flowers pots, fruits (apple or potatoes) in farmers fields, log baskets etc. The gray rattan looks like an antique stuff, some customers used it for decorative purpose.

For more information, click this link  www.seloagro.com

The workshops & stuffing the containers

1st Container to Felixstowe March 10, 2010

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Thanks God dan semua yang telah mendukung SeloAgro.

Sabtu, 6 Maret 2010 adalah hari bersejarah bagi SeloAgro divisi Rattan & Bamboo Crafts karena atas kehendak Yang Maha Kuasa , kami berhasil mengirim kontainer pertama ke Inggris.

Sebuah perjuangan yang tak kenal lelah sejak 6 bulan yang lalu, kini mulai berbuah. Sebagai UKM dengan modal cekak, kami mati-matian menjaring pelanggan walaupun profitnya masih minim. Namun Puji Tuhan, dengan hanya bermodalkan keahlian dalam memproduksi keranjang berkualitas, kami berhasil meyakinkan pelanggan-pelanggan dari luar negeri.

Doakan kami ya agar terus maju.

Sekali lagi Terima Kasih

Pembelian Partai Kecil – Piring Lidi, Keranjang rotan Jepara March 10, 2010

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Untuk pembelian piring lidi dan keranjang-keranjang murah dari Jepara lainnya dalam partai kecil silahkan hubungi bapak Suherman di 0813.105.274.78 atau 021.557.63708.

Kios/Gerobak bapak Suherman ada di Kisamaun-Pasar Lama, Tangerang

Indonesia Basket ware – Basketry February 4, 2010

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log basket with banana dry leather

The worlds are changed now! Most governments in Europe want to limit the use of plastic or polymer which familiar for storage. They want to change by using natural resources like rattan, bamboo, willow or wood.  Rather than natural resources above, polymer is hard to be disentangled. It takes decades to be unite with nature.

This news is good for us in SeloAgro as a rattan basket manufacturer and supplier. We take this advantage to move into next level providing basket ware. Our baskets are made by natural resources like rattan, seagrass (mendong), water hyacinth and banana dry skin. These raw natural resources will be woven or plait by the best craftsman; all process are handmade.

Basket ware are including shopping basket, bakers basket (bread basket), fruits basket, eggs basket, flowers basket, storage basket, bicycle basket etc. with hundreds of model.

round hamper

Most of our basket using water base finishing system which for coloring or to cover the surface. Water base finishing system are made by natural resources; no lead, no lacquer and no hazardous chemical material. This is will bring healthy, safety, art and usefulness to be one.

Please contact us on selsilimalar@gmail.com , visit our official website www.seloagro.com our put your comment . You can asking about basket ware, basketry, rattan basket products and related topic.

Rattan basket catalog 2010 January 25, 2010

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Log Basket with Banana Skin

We are please to announce the new Rattan Basket Catalog 2010

Please visit  www.seloagro.com to see more update.

Direct download rattan basket from seloagro.

Our products are using water base finishing system, no lacquer and no hazardous chemical material.

Log Rattan Basket, Wicker Basket from Indonesia November 20, 2009

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Today, we introduce to all of you new product from SeloAgro :

Log Rattan Basket

These kinds of basket are made by natural rattan named kubu. It is hardwearing, with natural color, no lacquer, no hazardous chemical material.

It is ideal to be placed near the fireplace (indoor) or in the garden and farm for outdoor purpose.

There are 3 kind of log rattan basket :
1. Square Log basket
2. Oval Log basket
3. Hamper Log Basket

Square log basket

  • 1 set of  Square log basket consist of 4 square baskets from large, medium, small to smallest.
  • The difference is 5 cm for each type so the last of 3 baskets can put together into the biggest one.
  • Production capacity :
    500 sets/month = 2000 pieces







For detail information, please visit our website :



Rattan Basket from Indonesia. Please check on seloagro.com August 10, 2009

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After several month post my rattan basket product on www.Alibaba.com and also seloagro.com, i have a lot of inquiry from people around the world about rattan basket from Indonesia.

Some of them asking “why rattan basket and rattan furniture from Indonesia more expensive then China?” Honestly, i am shocking. But i try to explain that actually Indonesia is the biggest exporter of raw rattan. It is almost 85% rattan around the world are supplied by Indonesian exporter. But why rattan product still expensive ? It just because the cost of employment in Indonesia are higher then China.

That’s why, one of SeloAgro concern is to make cheaper rattan basket with high quality product. We have the best man in related field from designer, worker, painting and finishing. Please do contact us on selsilimalar@gmail.com or put your message in shoutbox message.

Click this link to check our latest design & popular rattan basket product.

Thatch roof (Alang-alang) March 11, 2009

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Feature Spesification:

  • Color : Natural
  • Size : 280 x 2 x 80 cm (length x thickness x width)
  • Material
    -. Thatch roof
    -. Bamboostick
    -. Palm fiber from the sugar palm using for string

Place of Origin: Sundanese, Indonesia
Price in Factory : USD 1.5
FOB Price : USD 2.8
Port : Tanjung Priuk, Jakarta
Minimun Order : 1000 pieces (1 container 20″)
Package : No Packaging

website: www.seloagro.com


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